Prior Engagements

All previous High Ground projects have been completed with Mr. Reed serving as CEO, or the advisor to the CEO/Founder, or in the capacity of strategic consultant to the various C-Level executives in charge of primarily the marketing and sales, business development, and operational functions. Mr. Reed also serves on several for profit and not for profit boards.

Since 1997 we have been pleased to offer our services to the following clients:



EthicsPoint and NAVEX Global-Sold EthicsPoint to The Riverside Company in 2011 and became CEO and architect of a four company rollup which became NAVEX Global. NAVEX was sold to Vista Private Equity in 2015.


Lightspeed Technologies - Worked with leadership on new market development initiatives as well as the establishment of marketing and sales processes to support rapid growth.
The Automation Group - Facilitated strategic planning and executive roles definition while also establishing CRM based sales process deployment.
Private Wealth Northwest PWN - Assisted Founder in completing business plan and launch of boutique investment management firm.
DCI International - Assisted ownership with the development and implementation a 5 year strategic plan while assisting with the performance improvement of the Leadership Team.
Pneu-Logic Corporation - Served as turnaround Executive for an early stage technology company in the energy management sector.

WebTrends - Executive coaching and sales structure and process development.

Ethics Point - Worked with members of the Senior Team on leadership initiatives as well as organizational design.
Bridge City Legal - Worked with Executive Team on aligning strategy to execution while mentoring key individuals targeted for increased responsibilities.
CCLI - Conducted an intense review of the company’s IT functions leading to significant change and enhanced performance.
NWEA - Worked with Sr. VP Partner Relations and her team to foster a culture of accountability while establishing effective client acquisition processes and methodologies.
Pacstar - Worked with CEO and management Team on strategic Planning and served as coach and mentor to several key executives.  Focused on establishing solution selling skills consistent with new product launch requirements.
Cascade Microtech - Worked with Chairman and CEO on succession planning and was retained to coach and mentor younger executives at key points in their professional development.
PacStar - Engaged to assist in the re-engineering of the marketing and sales mission which inclued strategic planning as well as implementation.
Active Telesource - Worked with CEO and sales leadership on large account capture initiatives as well as the development of a new line of business.
CCLI - Worked with the executive management team to "troubleshoot" an emerging business unit which included; assessment, changes in personnel, modifying strategy, and establishing core processes, to enable a more efficient system for managing the day to day business.
Battery Ventures - Served as an advisor to a global venture capital firm in analyzing a high profile LBO opportunity.
Fios Inc. - Partnered with CEO to cultivate a culture of servant leadership and a deeper commitment to the stated corporate values. Developed individualized coaching plans for key management personnel.
SAP - Retained by client to host an executive forum based upon key High Ground leadership themes.

InFocus Systems - Retained by client to assist in the development of stronger leadership skills for key individuals in critical roles.

OSDL - Work with international open source consortium on the development of a strategic business plan inclusive of an operational assessment geared toward cost and efficiency improvements.

R&R Textiles - Assist Co-Owners in negotiating changes in ownership structure as well as leading a re-engineering initiative designed to improve both operational and financial performance.

Paramount Graphics - Assisted the CEO and Board with issues around sales and marketing effectiveness as well as re-positioning certain functions as variable versus fixed cost investments.

The Partners Group - Assisted the organization in the development of relational skills and performed a "quality of experience" audit with targeted clients.

Symantec - Work with top sales leaders and managers in the development of leadership and coaching skills.

Qsent - Worked with VP of Sales on strategy shifts and performance management and designed a business planning template and process for large Partners.

Extensis - Partnered with CEO and select Executive Team members in re-engineering channel strategy and programs while also delivering indirect sales training to sales team.

Aequitas Capital Management - Worked with Managing Partner and Team to create and launch a new branding strategy as well as the development of a new business strategy and structure. Assisted in the sourcing and development of key employees for key positions within the firm. Also introduced and coordinated the deployment of a key outsourced technology development initiative.

2002 - Worked with Founder to re-engineer product focus and sales strategy, which resulted in company being able to secure additional capital for growth initiatives.  Also, assisted in the recruitment and ramp up of a new CEO.  Currently serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Director’s.

@Once Corporation - Refined "go to market" strategy moving from a commodity, price sensitive offering to a higher end value added strategy including the use of strategic alliances.

Transcore - Conducted assessment and made recommendations regarding product, sales, and management strategies.


Clarity Visuals - Assessed new market opportunity and construct business development plan to exploit new opportunities.

WebTrends - Improved performance in business development and enterprise sales functions while establishing an M&A function which played a role in strategic merger.

Envoy - Shifted technology and market focus in order to access and serve broader customer base culminating in the successful sale of the company.


Lightware Inc. - Re-engineered business model and sales strategy to leverage large OEM and e-commerce business opportunities in order to reduce operating expense, drive volume, and maintain gross profit.

Cord Communications - Improved level of professionalism in marketing and sales as well as operating performance pursuant to a liquidity event.






“High Ground prepared our sales leaders to lead more effectively as measured by growth in revenue, team professionalism, operational efficiency, and their own personal satisfaction. Mark is the consummate sales professional.
Mark Richards, Vice President, Symantec Corporation

High Ground and specifically Mark Reed was an important key to our success in 2004. He guided us through a major shift in our sales strategy and provided us tools to assist us in executing at higher levels. In addition he had a very positive and measurable impact on several of our key leaders through a formalized coaching program."
Craig Keudell
Former CEO
Extensis Corporation

"Mark has been involved in our success in a number of ways over the past 5 years.  He has been a coach and mentor as I worked to transform our business and sales model.  He worked with us to enhance our sales process and methodologies, establishing a foundation for our organization that is still relevant and evolving with our business today.  Mark is an outstanding communicator and connected with our staff on a personal level teaching the skills and practices of a top performing sales organization.  Using a blend of experience, thoughtful coaching and keen insight he is a trusted advisor to me and our staff caring for both our corporate and personal successes."
Jeff Sinclair
VP Sales
PacStar Communications