Strategic Alliances

To assist our clients in the pursuit of enterprise value creation High Ground has entered into business alliances that enable us to offer resources that make a difference to our clients as part of performance improvement, growth capital, and/or and M&A activities. High Ground utilizes a tool called the Performance Continuum to guide the client through a discovery process which serves to identify issues affecting strategy, culture, and/or execution.

A complete list of Alliances is available upon request.

The Riverside Company is a global private equity firm focused on making control and non-control investments in growing businesses valued at up to $400 million. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in more than 410 transactions. The firm's international portfolio includes more than 80 companies.

  • Strength: Over $5 billion in assets under management.
  • Breadth: Over 410 completed acquisitions.
  • Scope: Over 200 people on four continents worldwide.
  • Experience: More than 25 years in business.

“High Ground Partners build businesses the right way, with passion, character, and integrity and with an unwavering commitment to optimizing the customer’s experience.”
Dan Meub, COO, Building Champions Inc.

“In 2004, R&R Textiles found itself in the most difficult position in its 21 year history. High Ground accepted the assignment to help us turn the company around by first providing on site assessment in both Georgia and Oregon, implementing a new strategic direction which included a new statement of vision and purpose, provided management coaching, and implemented new approaches to sales and marketing. The results of the High Ground efforts have been amazing in improving the performance of the company in almost every measurable area.”
Robb Pickens
President and CEO
R&R Textiles